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  • Meet Our
    IoT Technology
    Heavy Duty

    PT 7000

    Heavy Equipment Management
    Comprehensive monitoring and control
    for heavy equipment used in the construction,
    mining, rail and utility industries.
  • Next Generation
    all in one tracking
    cargo sensor

    GT 1210

    Advanced technology for ease
    and reliability in transport asset tracking.
    Delivering telematics solutions to
    the transportation industry
  • Battery-Powered
    Sensor for Smart

    Agriculture Sensor

    The device provides a straightforward
    and easy to deploy solution for soil moisture
    and temperature, air temperature and humidity,
    and outdoor light monitoring.
  • Device for Respiratory
    Illness Detection
    and Management

    eDoctor Device

    Designed to continuously monitor and detect the most
    common symptoms of respiratory illness including
    increased body temperature and breathing rate,
    persistent cough and accelerated heart rate.

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