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About Us


Who We Area

PT. Alpha Indo Nusa

As a growing company, we are engaged in telecommunications, agriculture, fisheries and trading goods. Through the issue of industry 4.0, we have long-term plans to build in several strategic sector lines.

In running our business, we adhere to the principles of Human Rights, Labour and Environment.


Why Choose Us ?


We have guarantors from well-known international banks so that the B2B route will always be maintained with strict rules and of course safe.


With the existence of a data path based on the latest technology such as blockchain, it is possible for the speed of the data processing flow in our company to be extraordinarily fast and accurate.

Low fee

With blockchain technology, it is possible to cut several supply chain lines directly, thereby reducing production time and costs as well as manpower.

Quick support

Sustainable system integration makes the protocol path shorter because it uses active online centralization without time and activity limits, making it quick in response for support and problem solving.